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My name is Brandi. I m a busy international real estate agent and have been married to my husband, Mick, for eight years. I noticed lately he s not paying as much attention to me as he used to. One evening while watching TV, he went to the bathroom and left his phone on the couch. It was buzzing three times in a row so I decided I to turn it over and see who was sending him messages at such a late hour. My suspicion was right! It was his mistress and her name was Naomi. Busted! At first I thought to make a huge fucking scene that he ll never forget- but as I was looking at the pictures she sent him, I had to admit she s a really hot young blonde with sexy feet. Of course she has beautiful feet because Mick has a foot fetish. This was one of the reasons I fell in love with him. I love to get my toes sucked and my sexy feet worshiped. I also realized I don t want to divorce over some hot blonde and fall into a cliché. So when he came back from the bathroom I acted like nothin! g happened. The next morning, I was supposed to fly to Europe for a client but decided that saving my marriage is more important. I pretended to head to the airport just to give the impression to my husband that I ll be out of town. I knew he would have his hot little slut over and I wanted to bust them. But instead of making a scene, I would propose that we have a threesome. He has good taste so I wanted to get my share of his young hottie too. Everything went according to plan. I walked in on them while he was sucking on her silky feet and toes. They were shocked. I m sure they expected me to freak out but I sat next to them and told them to not stop, just keep going. "I like to see my husband licking and sucking on your sexy toes" I said to her. They were even more shocked after I said that but they kept going. Soon I took off my red high heels and put my soft sexy feet into my husbands mouth. I made him suck on both of our feet at the same time. Naomi smiled at me s! o I took out my husband s big hard dick and wrapped her feet a! round it to give him a footjob with her sexy white pedicured toes. As her feet was moving up and down his dick, I couldn t resist to suck his beautiful cock while licking her sexy toes at the same time. It was so good. We fucked each other in so many hot positions while licking and sucking on each other s beautiful feet, toes, and soft soles. At he end, Naomi and I put our white and red pedicured toes together so Mick could bust his thick warm load all over our gorgeous slutty feet. I know he loves cum on feet and I wanted to make sure that this evening, and many more alike to come, would solidify us as husband and wife forever.
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